What we do

Key-Tech's unique technology provides a decorating process which enables the simultaneous application of durable, multi-color images. The process allows images to be printed into gloss or matte finishes without the environmental problems typical of alternative decorating systems such as screen printing, spray painting and pad printing. Color to color registration is precisely controlled with Key-Tech’s process as the multi-color images are applied in one pass.

There are two ways to take advantage of the Key-Tech process.

(1) Licensed Turnkey System

  • Key-Tech designs and builds tooling & transfer machines
  • Key-Tech supplies image bearing transfer carriers and customer prints product in-house under license and purchase agreement

(2) Customization service: Key-Tech images parts and assemblies for customer

  • Molded or extruded plastics
  • Polymer coated materials including metal, plastic moldings, ceramic, glass and wood
  • Package and drop-ship

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